OpusMark’s Revenue and Expense Optimization Services helps clients significantly improve the

profitability of their business.  Banks occasionally conduct some form of revenue enhancement and expense management activities looking for added profit and we’ve found some interesting results over years helping banks improve their financial position.

  • Banks typically do not perform this activity on a regular basis enough to address changes in the market and customer base.  Periodic analysis keeps banks at the forefront of changes in the industry, adapts to the rapidly changing regulatory environment and assures the strongest return on investment.
  • Experience shows more ideas are identified because we have performed hundreds of engagements and know where to look.
  • The real value is helping to implement and monitor the recommendations the bank chooses to take advantage of so you can measure your success.


Our engagements are contingency based.  Our payments are based upon a percentage of realized bank benefits.


Typical engagements yield $200K-$400K in annual benefits for every $500M in assets.